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Cut costs Reduce Bills on Utilities, Food, and Insurance

Tips How to Cut Costs for People Working from Home

Ever increasing costs have made reducing of bills one of the biggest challenges of working-from-home moms and dads. It has become a matter of survival for many parents, in fact, any kind of householder.

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How can you cut these soaring costs?

Sometimes, we learn the hard way, but it is possible to shave off these money-munchers if we really commit to a money-saving plan.

Saving on Utilities

Nowadays, every householder has been complaining about the rising prices in electricity. It means big monies for utilities companies, but struggle for parents who are trying to meet both ends. If you are a work-at-home parent, the more you'll feel the pinch of cutting back.

Simply put, the best way to lower bills is use electricity, gas and water. As part of your money-saving plan, try more efficient ways of doing things home appliances are used for, and make this a habit by sticking to your plan.

  • Install energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Use your dryer less
  • Think what you need before you open the fridge (Opening and closing it unnecessarily can account for home energy costs when often done.Educate your children about this.)
  • Install water-saving shower heads
  • Unplug electronics that have a red/blue/green light that stay on even when they are turned off. They still add up electricity even when not in use. (Thanks to Missy H. for reminding me.)

Reducing Your Food Expenses

Food bills account to a large portion of a family budget, next to home rent or home loan payment. The way to cut cost on food:

  • Plan your menu on a weekly basis (or what suits you)
  • Shop using coupons if you can
  • Switch to generic brands (products that are just as good as the known labels)
  • Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Plan your shopping trips
  • Stick to your shopping list (kind of broken record we all know about, but one of the most difficult to do!)

Savings on Insurance

Be on top of your insurance policies.

  • Review your insurance for possible adjustment if necessary. Have you done home renovations? How about any drivers you can take off your car insurance policy?
  • When your policy is about to be renewed, shop around and compare pros and cons.
  • Talk to your insurance company. Tell them you want to remain loyal to them, however, ask them what they can offer to help cut cost.
  • Ask freely your insurance agent if you need something in the policy explained, especially the ones from the fine prints.

Every little thing counts.

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