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A cheap retirement

I came across a great article about the fact that there are a lot of people looking into how they can be able to retire in a cheap place. The reasons for this can be many but I believe that a large part of it is that the latest crash in stock portfolios and house prices have had a drastic impact on a lot of people looking at their retirement.

Ive personally been looking for places where cheap retirement would be possible but not because I am looking to retire but rather that I want to experience what great lifestyles you can have without making millions of dollars per year. For instance I've found that you are able to have a pretty cool lifestyle in the Philippines for about $1,000 $1,500 per month (you can get a 1 hour massage for about $3-$4)

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The same applies if you would want to retire in Malaysia and there you would even be able to avoid paying taxes on any income from foreign countries. Being an Internet marketer I really like that idea as my income would solely come from outside of the country.

Now that I've read about finding cheap retirement in Mexico , that is definitely something that I will have to look into. Mexico has a lot of beautiful places and from what I have found so far the living costs are reasonable.

If you are looking for places that will provide you with cheap living circumstances then I suggest that you do some research on the countries I've mentioned. Also a place like Thailand might be an interesting choice.

One of the best ways to find information on the individual countries and how it is to live there is to search for the country name and expat. There are a lot of expat groups in the different countries all around the world and you'll find that they are more than happy to answer your questions about the country that they have chosen to be their place of living and/or retirement.

Have you ever considered moving to somewhere cheap in order to maybe skip your job or to go on an early retirement?

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