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America's Short Sale Government Programs

My First Short Sale

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Hello and welcome to our blog. We welcome you joining us today. We are Group 46:10, Arizona's short sale specialists. We have got years of experience completing more than 300 short sales and this blog is dedicated to homeowners that are searching for information concerning short sales. Please check out our FAQ section and the other information on our blog.

One of the questions that homeowners ask about revolves around gov't programs. The HAFA program is one of the programs that homeowners ask for details about. HAFA stands for Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives. It is essentially just a government short sale program. Loan servicers and lenders have the choice of whether or not they want to partake in HAFA. Many banks simply prefer not to take part.

Here is what we know on the subject of HAFA. The program has been in place for six months now. However, there have only been 340 short sales closed with the HAFA program. So, out of the several hundred thousand short sales that have occurred and the million foreclosures that have happened in the past six months, there have only been 340 short sales closed by utilizing the HAFA program!

Ultimately, what you listen to in the news flash or your local media outlet isn't the whole story. The gov't program, HAFA, hasn't done much to aid homeowners. You have to contact your local real estate specialist or us to get the whole truth regarding HAFA and short sales.

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