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With skyrocketing costs and a questionable economy, money issues are not to be taken lightly

With skyrocketing costs and a questionable economy, money issues are not to be taken lightly. You work hard for every penny that you make and deciding how to spend your dollars should take careful thought and consideration. Here are some things to ponder on before you make those purchases.

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Do I Really Need This?

You are entitled to a frivolous purchase or two providing it doesn't deplete your bank account, but most of the time you should be asking yourself, "Do I really need this?"

We often spend on a whim without regard to the necessity of the purchase.

  • Is this item being bought just because someone else has it and you want the same thing?
  • How often will you really, I mean, really use it?

If you cannot come up with some reasonable answers to these questions then it is time to put it back on the shelf and exit stage left.

Spontaneous Shopping

Everyone knows the simple rule of not grocery shopping when you are hungry lest this leads you to overbuying. The same rule applies to other areas of your shopping trips as well.

Shop around and get the best deal for your money. You can wait as, most likely, it will still be there tomorrow.

Buying For Other People

I am a gift giver. It makes me happy to give, but I want the person to enjoy what I am giving them and I want them to use it.

We all want our kids to have the best. We want them to have what other kids have, but do we give them too much? I think that everyone of us is guilty of this from time to time. It is great for your children to have things, but just make sure that they do not have too much at each stage of their lives as they will outgrow them quickly and you will be left with a basement full of action figures that nobody wants to buy at the next garage sale.

Years of accumulation can lead to a major clutter headache 10 years from now. When buying for an adult listen for subtle hints or their latest conversation to give you good insight into what they desire. Do not buy that scarf just because you like it. They will probably never wear it. I have had some very nice gifts in the past that I did not use for that very reason. The thought was very nice, but the gift was not something that I was able to use.

One last thing, although not as personal as a gift that you picked out, I personally think gift certificates are great if the person is hard to buy for. I, myself, have very few material needs, but I love getting those gift certificates as it helps me out financially and enables me to get the things that I really do need.

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