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Specializing in No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance.


We will help you access a mortgage, tailor-made to your needs.


At One Stop Financial Solutions Inc., we put our clients first.


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Our Financial Philosophy

We believe that everyone can benefit from objective and professional financial advice. Your long term financial security is what matters most and our mortgage and insurance brokers will ensure that you can look toward retirement free from stress.

Our team is comprised of professional mortgage brokers and financial advisors across Canada. Our base of operations is in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

We have experience and commitment to excellence and will develop the right plan for you. Different people have different needs and with this in mind, we provide customized solutions to suit your lifestyle and long term goals.

Whether you need mortgage financing, insurances to protect your home, health and family, investing and retirement planning or RESP’s for your children, we will work with you to find the right solution for your financial peace of mind. We provide guidance, encouragement, accountability and support so that you can accomplish more than you thought possible.

One Stop Financial Solutions is Canadian owned, providing service by Canadians for Canadians.

Your Trusted Advisors

Highly Qualified and Experienced Financial Planning Experts

Scott Johnson

Financial Specialist/Owner
Office (902)468-4321
Cell (902)691-4244
Fax (902)407-3202

Corey Regan

Mortgage Specialist
Phone (902)488-9654
Office (902)468-4321
Fax (902)468-0015

Heidi Dugas

Financial Specialist
Office (902)245-4881
Cell (902)245-8860
Fax (902)378-3008

Brenda Vickers

Mortgage Broker
Office (902)830-8041
Fax (902)407-3202

What Our Clients Say

My wife and I visited Scott Johnson at One Stop Financial Solutions while we were looking for mortgage approval for our first home purchase. Being both teachers, we were grateful that Scott was able to meet us outside of normal business hours. His friendly demeanour made it easy for us to talk to him and let him know what we were looking for. As first time home buyers, Scott was able to answer our host of questions on many different topics involving buying a house. He was very knowledgeable not only about mortgage approvals but also about the whole process of buying a house for the first time. After the initial visit we left feeling assured about buying a house as we were confident in Scott’s handling of our mortgage, allowing us to focus on the myriad of other aspects of purchasing a home. We were blown away by Scott’s efficient and professional work ethic. When it came to closing our mortgage, Scott was prepared and had done a large amount of the paperwork ahead of time, making it a quick and simple process for us. We strongly encourage anyone looking into a new house to meet with Scott at One Stop Financial Solutions for any of your mortgage needs and are confident that you will be impressed with level of service provided.

Matt and Kelly B.

My Fiancé and I recently purchased our first home. We could not have done it without the help of Scott Johnson. Being a pair of first time home buyers, we were very green on the subject. We both had many questions and did not know where to begin, although our friends and families helped out with some basic need-to-know information. Overwhelmed and frustrated, I send Scott a text one evening asking him advice on a property I had viewed. AS he usually does, he replied instantly, offering his advice and walking me through the home buying process. Over the next few days, Scott and I talked on the phone numerous times. He answered every question I could have possibly asked, and went above and beyond to help guide my fiancé and I through the whole process. It was never an issue getting in touch with Scott, whether it was during office hours or late at night. I knew if something came up, I could always count on him to be there for me. He is a man of honesty, integrity, and is truly a professional. I would highly recommend Scott for any first time home buyer. I still thank him today for everything he has done for me, and I will continue to use Scott for other business. Scott is more than just a mortgage broker. I consider Scott to be a friend.

Philip M.

Scott made our dream of owning our own home a reality when other mortgage brokers had left us feeling defeated. He was so easy going and immediately had our trust. I’ve never dealt with anyone who is so readily available. No matter what time of day I had a question for Scott within minutes I had an answer. We were so happy with our experience with Scott that we now have our life insurance and RESP’s set up with him as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. We will continue to use Scott at One Stop Financial for all of our families financial needs.

Bobbie Lee M. & Justin M.

My husband and I would like to take a moment to share with you our experience with One Stop financial. My husband Mitchell and myself, Laura-Lee have been very happy and extremely pleased with our service from our financial specialist Scott Johnson as well as One Stop Financial as a company. From the day Mitchell and I walked in their doors to talk about purchasing a home right down to the day we moved into our first new home has been a wonderful experience. When discussing our financial situation and what Mitchell and I were comfortable with as far as a mortgage payment, we were impressed with how proactive Scott Johnson was with accommodating our wishes. When it comes to first time home buyers their is so many questions and concerns a person has regarding this big step in life and Scott guided us through every step of the way. Mitchell and I have been in our new home now for 9 months and we know it has been the best decision and step in our lives, we know we couldn’t of done it without the help and guidance from Scott Johnson and we truly thank him and his company One Stop Financial for making our dream come true. We will always go to Scott for any financial decisions we make as a couple and we will highly recommend One Stop Financial to our family and friends because we know they will be in the best of hands. It really is nice to know that there is companies out there that put their clients first. Its companies like One Stop Financial that we need. Thank you for taking the time to read our experience as a first time home buyer.

Laura-Lee M. Mitchell P.

I highly recommend Scott Johnson of One Stop Financial Solutions Inc. Scott acted as an advocate for me in obtaining my first mortgage. He was knowledgeable, patient and persistent in ensuring that I was able to secure a mortgage to make a home purchase. I truly believe without his help, I would not currently be living in my first home! As well, he was a source of valuable information regarding ways to approach ensuring my financial security in the future. Thanks Scott!

Susan B.

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Mortgages , Mortgage Renewal & Mortgage Refinancing, Halifax & Area

One Stop Financial Solutions is pleased to offer a range of Mortgage services in Halifax and the surrounding area, including Bedford, Dartmouth, Sackville and Cole Harbour.

Our mortgage services include mortgage refinancing, mortgage renewal, residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, second mortgages & bad credit mortgages.

Give us a call today to learn more about these and other services offered by One Stop Financial Solutions.



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Why Choose One stop financial solutions?

At One stop financial solutions we honestly look at being a mortgage company extremely seriously. We know that undoubtably when clients are shopping for a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax they need the best. Unendingly we endeavour to stay the smartest mortgage company we all could be inside Nova Scotia. It really is our devotion to really embodying the winner that has won us extremely substantial regard here with our valued patrons.

As a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax we all furthermore constantly endeavor to take the time to understand all our customers questions with extreme diligence and with absolutely no impatience. We inevitably make an effort. All of us feel it is extremely essential to be sure consumers truly feel valued and even taken care of.

There are truly not numerous mortgage company who maintain the particular skill set coupled with background to label their business as being innovator for their sector. Merge this with our higher level of buyer services and we feel we are the ideal dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Want to start now?

Everthing begins with a call.

Call (902) 691-4244.

We'll be delighted to discuss all your present mortgage company concerns at length on the telephone or via e mail if this is preferable for yourself. Following that we can recommend the choice which best matches your situations needs. Hear just why people refer to us as the perfect dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax!

Still Require Persuading? Some Other Outstanding Reasons One stop financial solutions is truly A Dependable Mortgage Refinancing Company In Halifax

Devotion to High-Quality - A Dependable Mortgage Refinancing Company In Halifax and A Dependable Mortgage Refinancing Company In Halifax

Our devotion to higher quality is actually extraordinarily excessive. In case you are attempting to become a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax or a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax, there is seriously not one other option but to give it your best possible to stand out. Whenever a particular purchaser needs additional time, we all afford that valued consumer more attention. Nearly anything to be able to be confident they will be ecstatic with us as a mortgage company. Remember, we service practically all of Nova Scotia, so feel free to get in touch.

Devotion - A Dependable Mortgage Refinancing Company In Halifax and A Dependable Mortgage Refinancing Company In Halifax

Our cherished clients have indeed reported our business as a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax, a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax, a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax and the finest Nova Scotia situated mortgage company there is! Honestly that won't transpire unless there's unbelievably hard work in addition to commitment to your consumers plus the top quality bestowed within your end result. If you'll be looking to get a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax, we genuinely feel we really are the optimal solution. Simply phone One stop financial solutions to go over your requirements today! (902) 691-4244.

Expertise - A Dependable Mortgage Refinancing Company In Halifax and A Dependable Mortgage Refinancing Company In Halifax

With any given field, experience certainly is a major factor in regards to good results. If you are needing a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax, well this is usually even more accurate. With being a mortgage company, we all can easily show you in person that the end outcome is undoubtedly determined through the know-how of the corporation that you're contracting. The excessively significant amount of knowledge which One stop financial solutions possesses in being a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax, is undoubtedly just why anyone have to trust us with your valued critical needs. If perhaps you might be wanting for a dependable mortgage refinancing company in Halifax, check out One stop financial solutions. Please communicate with all of us immediately.

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Determining the mortgage company to work with is a critical undertaking. Choose an educated call. Shouldn't you chat to us all with simply no expectations to recognise if we all are the perfect mortgage company for your criteria.

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